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We spend countless hours researching and developing trading systems that outperform the market.

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Capital Deployed
> 30%
Average Annualized Return
Robust Trading Systems

What We Offer

Here are some of the strategies we offer.

Start following our analysis or deploy one of our proprietary trading systems today!

  • High-Frequency

    We offer high-frequency trading systems optimized for CME and perpetual crypto futures. These are great for funded trading evaluations!

  • 0DTE Options

    Trade high probability with our collection of 0DTE strategies including a daily credit spread and an earning straddle strategy.

  • Tactical Margin (Coming Soon!)

    Outperform buy and hold by tactically using margin to increase returns and decrease risk during times of unexpected volatility.


We also offer indicator creation services in PineScript and Python. Bring your trading strategy idea to life! All intellectual property created will belong to you.